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Customized mold production, according to customer needs, select imported materials, hand-laid film, and accurately ensure that every detail of the product is perfect.

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Place of Origin: Sichuan, China

Brand Name: Zhengcheng

Material: Imported acrylic sheet, 3M anti-UV film,Aluminum composite

Certification: ISO9001,CE

Product name:Convenience store signboard

Application: Convenience Store, pharmacy, restaurant, fruit shop

Light source: Led tube










Installation: Wall-mounted Installation

Advantages of making Lawson convenience store signboard


In the past few years, we have been designing, producing shop front signboards for Zhongbai Lawson convenience stores, mainly in Hubei and Changsha.

Why choose our service?

1. We are a professional manufacturer of convenience store signs, with rich experience and no middlemen to make the commission. It can reduce your purchase cost.

2. Our company is equipped with professional designers to provide free design schemes according to customer requirements.

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3. We insist on choosing brand new acrylic sheets imported from Japan, so that the products produced in this way are not easy to change color and not easy to deform. In addition, the film used to make this sign is also imported 3m film, which ensures the quality and appearance of the sign.

4.We can make the mosaic effect on the signboard of Zhongbai Lawson convenience store, and do our best to satisfy the customer's desired effect.

5. Our company has a professional team in Wuhan and Changsha to measure the store size and install store signs for Lawson convenience store.

6.The logo part is machine blister molding, 3d effect is obvious.

In the past few years, our company has produced more than 400 store signs for Zhongbai Lawson convenience stores, as well as LED letters and side signs.

Application areas

The signs we produce have multiple sizes to choose from, and customers can choose different specifications according to different store sizes.


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