Superiorities of company


1. We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of energy-saving light boxes signboard for convenience stores. No intermediary commission for working with us.

2. Since its establishment 7 years ago, the company has obtained four national patents in the convenience store light box manufacturing industry.

3. Our company owns a professional factory with an area of 4,200 square meters and four light box forming production lines.

4. Zhengcheng now has served more than 100 brands in China and produces about 30,000 meters of energy-saving light boxes per year.

5. Our company has hired professional designers to provide design drawings for your shop signs. Our design scheme is free of charge.

Industry issues

1.The full light box is energy-consuming, and its built-in lighting equipment is easily damaged. The led luminous characters are not conspicuous at night, and the luminous characters are prone to light spots.

2.Traditional signboards are mostly made with an overall , and maintenance requires strong professionalism, and the maintenance cost is high, or even impossible to repair, resulting in high usage costs.

3.Repair work is very cumbersome, so after the warranty period, the manufacturers are not willing to repair the signs.

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4.The initial investment cost of producing ordinary signboards is relatively low, because these signboards are mostly made of recycled acrylic panels. However, the panels will fade, deform, dent and other problems within 3 to 5 months, which greatly shortens the service life of the sign.

5.In the production of traditional light boxes, chloroform dilute glue is often used to bond the swatches and panels. The sealing performance is weak, and it is susceptible to the influence of temperature and moving factors to cause cracks. Dust and dirt will easily collect on the swatches and panels after being washed by rain. Therefore, the dust and dirt cannot be cleaned, and they will affect the luminous effect of the signboard as well as damage the appearance of the signboard.

6.Traditional light boxes are mostly customized according to on-site dimensions. If the shop moves, the original signboard usage rate is less than 5%.

Problems we have tackled

1.Reduce the cost of using signs (energy-saving patent structure/reduction of maintenance costs/extended service life).

2.Our products are easy to install and adopt a worry-free, disassembly-free maintenance structure design, making maintenance easier.

3.The curved panel design fully strengthens the structural stability and deformation resistance of the light box.

4.V-shaped 45-degree light emitting led lighting patented product, so that light energy can be used more efficiently.


5.Modular production and stocking make it fast to build stores.

6.More prominent color and texture, more three-dimensional visual experience.

7.The matching special canopy is stylish and beautiful, while protecting the signboard from stains.

Superiorities of product

1.More standard, more standardized, more unified, more convenient

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Light box structure disassembly diagram

2. Waterproof and Dust-proof

Zhengcheng energy-saving light box adopts a unique fully-sealed box body bonding design to ensure that the internal space of the light box is highly airtight and totally isolate vapor, dust, and mosquitoes


3.Ingenious maintenance structure design

The ingenious light tube replacement technology of Zhengcheng energy-saving light box does not require any tools or disassembly of the box. The light tube can be replaced in five minutes, which greatly reduces the difficulty of maintenance and reduces the maintenance cost of the sign.

4. Ultra low energy consumption

Advanced lighting point space design realizes the secondary reflection of light energy and maximizes the use of light sources. Compared with traditional light boxes, Zhengcheng energy-saving light boxes can save 65% of electricity.

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5.Zhengcheng Patented Light Tube


Zhengcheng energy-saving light box lighting method


Traditional light box lighting method

Taking 100 stores of a certain brand of convenience stores, the signboards are 1m*10m (24 hours), and the lights are on for 12 hours a day as an example, the energy consumption comparison between Zhengcheng energy-saving light boxes and ordinary light boxes.

  Traditional light box Zhengcheng Energy -saving Light Box
light tube led light tube(16w) Patented V-shaped 45 degree led light source(28w) 
lighting way 4 rows per meter, 1.1 meter lighting range per row, 9 groups in total  7 modules ( one tube/one module) + 2 corners ( half a tube/one corner),8 modules in total 
electricity consuption  0.016kwh*4rows*9groups*12h/d*365d=2522kwh  0.028kwh*8groups*12h/d*365d=981kwh 
electricity bill             (1.2 CNY /KWH)  2522*1.2*100=302600CNY  981*1.2*100=117700CNY 

Use Zhengcheng energy-saving light boxes to save electricity bills in one year:


5years: 184900CNY/y*5=924500CNY≈138274.04USD